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Instead of viewing companies from a short-term framework and paying what we believe to be undue attention to quarterly estimates or momentary catalysts, our investment outlook is predominantly focused on a long-term analysis. As a result, our investment process concentrates on understanding the normalized earnings power of a business well before the rest of the market gains interest. That perspective often gets us to very different and non-conforming conclusions. We view the ability to adhere to our investment process and maintain conviction during times of strong market volatility – without blinders or stubbornness – as a sustainable advantage.

Rather than push the latest “hot stock” in hopes of a quick commission, we focus on the merits of investments. We focus on long-term investments and cultivate long-standing client relationships. While buy-and-hold is not the conventional broker-dealer model, our primary objective is the long-term success of our clients. We understand that a relationship is more important than a single transaction. With that perspective in mind, we have developed decades-long relationships with highly respected value investors who appreciate our approach and think about investing the way we do.

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