Research Services

Research Services

At Robotti Securities, our core focus for our clients is generating actionable long-term investment ideas. In addition, clients also value receiving the following complimentary research items:

Quantitative stock screens can be useful as a first step in the search for actionable investment ideas. We periodically send out a selection of screens that we create to sift through the equity market for companies that might warrant further investigation.

Spinoff transactions often potentially present excellent risk-reward opportunities. A company may spinoff a portion of its business that has a model or strategy distinct from its parent. Separating the businesses allows management and the board of directors of each unit to hone their respective focus. The newly created shares may be less attractive to other investors for reasons unrelated to the company’s intrinsic value. They are often discarded or otherwise overlooked by many investors, presenting an opportunity for value-oriented investors.

Robotti Securities’ Focus List is a representation of the type of companies that we research or follow to keep ourselves aware of developments that could impact the companies on the list. These are not recommendations, but rather they are companies that we follow closely and into which we can offer insight.

Robotti Securities offers exclusive value investor community events through our fireside chat series and idea dinners.

We also host conference calls with select management teams and invite clients to participate.